Website Maintenance Packages India

We, at Syscomcraft offer Website Maintenance Packages with three plans i.e. Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Details about the service referenced are explained below.

Website Maintenance Package Standard Plan Professional Plan Enterprise Plan
Add/Edit the Text, Photos, Graphics, Graphs, Products and Chartse
Remove and Replace Date Sensitive Information(News, Event, PR)
Remove and Correct Broken Links(Internal and External)
Add Regular Specials, Coupons etc. to Attract New Customers
Add Your Articles Regularly, Minor Text Re-writes via CMS
Create Small Icons/Graphics/Banners for Better Text Presentation
Improve Presentation Style of the Already Existing Pages
Style Sheet, Minor Dynamic Scripts (JavaScript) Updates Changes
Change/Update Background Image
Change Existing Webpage Layout*
Create Additional Pages for Existing Website
Average Hour Per Month 8 16 24
Response Times 24 hr 12 hr 8 hr