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PHP is a famous scripting language which is extensively used for website development. At Syscomcraft we provide quality PHP development solutions for your website. With many successful projects completed using PHP development, our teams of technology experts have rich and multifarious PHP experience.

PHP is widely used and preferred as a website development language.

  • PHP is open source, development is easy
  • With high flexibility and various options, PHP is has been widely popular
  • PHP improves the performance of a website
  • PHP is supported by a large online community of developers
  • It is supported on all major operating systems
  • Majority of web servers support PHP
  • PHP supports all major databases
  • Processing in PHP is faster leading to quicker results
  • Being used for almost 20 year now, PHP is reliable and secure
  • Lower cost and development time

At Syscomcraft, we provide

  • A powerful team of knowledgeable and talented resources for PHP development
  • Customized development solutions delivered within strict timelines
  • Our talented team of PHP experts have worked on various kinds of websites using PHP
  • Being well versed with MYSQL and Apache, our team has experience to work on various PHP platforms
  • We have the technology and pool of people to cater to small as well as complex and large development tasks

PHP New Releases

PHP is best choice among the developers because it is always updating its core library and APIS helping developers and user with a new experiences .Some major updates are mentioned below :-

PHP 5.4.42

PHP developer’s team has announced a new release i.e. PHP 5.4.42 fixing all the security issues including issues in sqlite library (CVE-2015-3414, CVE-2015-3415, CVE-2015-3416).

PHP 7.0.0 Alpha 1

PHP alpha 1 has an updated version of ZEND engine including some main features as follows:

  • Increased speed as compared to its previous version i.e. PHP 5.6
  • Fatal errors get converted to exception format.
  • Return and scalar type declarations
  • Introduced new anonymous classes
  • Unsupported SAPIS removals

Zend 8.5 released as PHP 7 announced soon


Zend is making another updation, updates its server to 8.5 providing the better usability for the end user before its PHP 7 release. This release was based on Zend Server 8; for this updates to be used you can use extra add-ons Z-Ray. It was based on the Z-Ray Technology (something like x-RAY) to look more insight into the code.

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